Letter from the President

Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting our page and welcome! We hope you’ll enjoy all of the content on our website – all produced and edited by the undergraduate members of our organization. Innovation is Princeton’s premier STEM organization and aims to not only effectively communicate science to a broad audience, but also to promote science on campus through various events. Innovation began about twenty years ago and was initially focused on publishing about the ongoing science research conducted by professors at Princeton, but since then we have expanded beyond campus to include innovative research from around the globe. Our organization also has hosted various events including a speaker series, science writing symposiums, high school essay competitions, DIY science study breaks, and a gala honoring 25 undergraduate STEM projects.

To share a bit more about myself, I am a junior in the molecular biology department pursuing minors in global health and health policy and environmental studies. I joined Innovation freshman year as a member of the design team, served on the board as editorial secretary, and headed one of our event-planning teams prior to becoming president. Innovation’s mission has deeply resonated with me because I truly believe science has a place in everyone’s day to day life. If science is made accessible to a broader audience, I believe our society will greatly benefit as a greater understanding of our world increases the opportunity to better it.

All of Innovation’s teams are dedicated to our mission in different ways, but we all share a passion for science communication that we hope to ignite in everyone we engage with. Science is important to everyone so read an article, come to our events, or even apply to one of our teams – whichever way you chose, join us in sharing the science!

Nazik Elmekki ’18


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Hello readers,

Welcome to our website! As Princeton’s premier STEM organization, Innovation aims to bridge the gap between science and society. We as an organization have two main divisions: outreach and editorial. On the outreach side, we have had a growing presence on campus, hosting everything from fun STEM-themed study breaks to science writing symposiums. On the editorial side, we run a team of writers and editors to produce high-quality articles on groundbreaking scientific discoveries at Princeton and beyond. With an emphasis on accessibility, we aim to disentangle science communication from the usual jargon and specialized language of the primary literature. Although Innovation began as a journal that reported on research conducted by Princeton faculty, we have since expanded to research around the world—science is global and collaborative endeavor, after all.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I oversee all editorial processes and content production. I myself am a junior in the molecular biology department pursuing minors in quantitative and computational biology, global health and health policy, and computer science. I joined Innovation as a writer in the health section, for which I later became an editor. Having been with Innovation for my entire college career, I’ve seen the organization grow and evolve, expanding our outreach and presence on campus to celebrate and foster a love for scientific discovery. We hope you share this passion with us, and learn something new as you browse our site!

Daniel D. Liu ‘18
Editor-in-Chief of Princeton Innovation