Letter from the Editor

Hello readers,

Thanks for stopping by our website! Innovation is Princeton’s premier undergraduate publication for news about science research and discoveries. Our goal and focus has always been one of making science more accessible to students and those not personally involved in research. Traditionally, Innovation has focused on interviewing Princeton professors and writing about their research. Using a clear and precise writing style as well as a strong focus on design, we have made this research accessible and understandable to our readers. We have been nominated for multiple design awards and lauded for our beautiful graphics. However, over the past year, we have shifted our focus to include research from around the world, and using sources beyond interviews. Furthermore, we have started using this website as our primary means of publishing our articles and publicizing research.

Looking ahead, Innovation is undergoing many changes. Innovation is no longer just a publication, but THE science organization on campus. We want students on campus to turn to us for all STEM-related activities and events on campus, whether we host them or let students know about them. Personally, as someone involved in research, I see the frustrations of both those trying to explain their work and those trying to understand the nuances of science. As a result, I want to raise the level of science engagement and knowledge on campus. To that end, Innovation is focusing on the highest-impact and most engaging methods of communication. A beautiful, high-quality magazine means nothing if no one picks it up or reads it. Instead, we are hoping to leverage social media to spread our content and host events on campus to involve students. Whether we realize it or not, science is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. I hope Innovation helps you understand and enjoy the beauty of the science around us.

-Abrar Choudhury ’16, Editor-in-Chief of Princeton Innovation

About The Author

Abrar Choudhury

Abrar is a junior studying molecular biology with certificates in engineering biology and global health policy. When he's not studying the molecular mechanisms of cancer in lab or answering Innovation-related emails, Abrar enjoys watching TV and complaining about unrealistic portrayals of science. Abrar is the editor-in-chief of Innovation. You can reach him at abrarc@princeton.edu.