Letter from the President

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting our page! We hope you’ll enjoy browsing all of our undergraduate-produced science and tech content here!  But we also hope you won’t stop there… Innovation is a general hub for all-things STEM on campus.  This year especially, we are expanding beyond our magazine roots and trying to capture more of our campus audience through events and speakers. Some highlights are: a professor debate, a new IM Events Series, and a student feature ’25 under 25′ event with the Keller Center.  All of our board members also pursue their own passions and creativity to come up with projects that they initiate and plan, so needless to say, there’s a lot going on!

Let me tell you a little bit more about why I am personally inspired by Innovation’s mission to make science and technology accessible to all.  Over the summer, I attended a lecture series on fusion physics.  While each presenter began with some form of the assertion “fusion energy can be the future of alternative energy,” few ended with a strong enough case that would convince an ordinary, well-educated citizen to put their money towards fusion research.  While the audience in this case did include many future scientists, it still got me thinking about Innovation’s work.  I believe that making science and technology accessible to the general public can add tremendously to their understanding of the world, which will help bridge the gap between science and policy decisions.  It is important that science is not isolated from non-scientists, so that everyone can participate in educated conversations about issues like the future of alternative energy.

And each of us at Innovation is motivated to work towards this mission for a different reason.  Some of us are future researchers; some future teachers; some future policy makers; others future tech startup founders.  But all of us are and will be science and technology communicators – and we practice that in everything we do here.  We at Innovation use creative ways, from content to events, to demonstrate that science matters to everyone! Check us out!

— Cissy Chen ’16, President of Princeton Innovation

About The Author

Cissy Chen

Hi all! I’m Cissy, the current President of Innovation. I study computer science with interests in applied math as well. I like doing math puzzles, reading/writing poetry (I like to try at least), and playing piano. I’m also a big fan of green tea, oversized sweaters, and most other cuddly things. Come say hi at our board office hours or email me (cissyc@) if you ever want to get in touch! I’m excited to get to know all of our awesome staff members. :)